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Fixed Floor Video-Wall

Floor to Ceiling Fixed Video-Walls

Using the B-Tech SYSTEM2 components, multiple-screened custom designed installations can be achieved. Whether it's 2 screens mounted back-to-back, or a multiple-screen Video-Wall, this system is an exceptionally cost effective solution.

Installations can include back-to-back Video-Wall partitions across an open retail floor space.

Sometimes, a customer would love the idea of a full Video Wall, however the 'proposed' wall turns-out to be a partition-wall, unable to support the considerable weight of a full Video-Wall.  In this instance, a floor-to-ceiling installation, just in front of the wall is a great option to consider. 

Typical Pole Mounted TV Mount

With most pole mounted screen installations, there is usually access to the rear of the screens, hence there is little need for a pop-out mount.

By using a lower-function mount such as the BT8311, this also reduces the cost of the overall installation.

By using the B-Tech SYSTEM2 components, we're able to specify multiple-screen pole mounting solutions for almost all screen sizes, from TV and Monitors with diagonal screen sizes smaller than 10" through to those as large as 60" and each weighing up to 50kg.

Wall to Wall Horizontal Multiple Screen Mounts

Many older above-counter monitors in takeaways and restaurants were mounted onto individual wall mounts, making them very difficult to align the screens accurately.

Often the screens installed are just not level or do not align correctly with adjacent screens. This is in no way a criticism of the installation engineer, but when installing multiple screens in a horizontal row, you need to be incredibly lucky to find that each inflexible mounting position is perfectly capable of supporting each mount. Especially in older buildings, mortar between brickwork, old electrical cabling and water pipes can all compromise installations.

By using horizontal poles, then assuming both ends of the poles are level, then you can rest assured that the screens will align correctly.
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