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Fixed Video-Wall

Fixed Video-Wall Multiple Screen Installations

Of course, sometimes the customer's budget is the single issue preventing a full-function Video-Wall.

If a customer has a burning desire for a lower-cost Video-Wall, then B-Tech has the answer. 

The BT8511 is a lower cost alternative to the all singing, all dancing BT8310

This BT8511 is built to the same exacting standards as all B-Tech mounting hardware, it simply does not have the pop-out feature. This mount is ideal for those installations where access to the rear of the installation is open.

In terms of installation, the BT8511 has many of the same micro- adjustments as the BT8310, and it can take advantage of B-Tech Spacing Tools.

  Low Cost Fixed Video-Wall Multiple Screen Installations

The most cost effective B-Tech Video-Wall mounting system is based on the BT8340 rail system. This is a universal 'rail' system, which can be wall mounted or suspended from the B-Tech SYSTEM2 pole components, as such it's incredibly flexible and easy to install.

This system can be configured for almost all VESA screen fittings from just 75x75mm through to 800x400mm and it can be supplied with flush mount or tilting screen mounts. Each mount is supplied with levelling screws to allow the screen positions to be adjusted.

To view the full specifications of the BT8340, please CLICK HERE

BT8311 Used on Pole-Mounted Video Applications

The BT8311 Multiple-Screen mount is part of the B-Tech SYSTEM2 range, allowing multiple screens to mounted onto its 50mm diameter poles.

Being B-Tech SYSTEM2 compatible, this means that multiple screens can be ceiling mounted & floor to ceiling mounted.

The BT8311 can be used for mounting large screens, weighing up to 50kg in the Landscape format, or as pictured here, in the Portrait orientation.

Combination of Mounts

Where budget is an issue, then we would recommend that for Video-Walls with more than 2 rows of screens, then it makes great sense that for the middle rows, pop-out screens are used.

In the example to the left, the top and bottom rows are the BT8311, whereas the centre row uses the pop-out BT8310.

This is a great and useful compromise, allowing the access to the middle row of the multiple displays, should there be a problem.

Both the  BT8310 BT8311 share the same on-wall footprint, hence they can both use the B-Tech Installation Spacers.

We do not recommend that mounts from B-Tech and Vogel's are mixed.
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